How to Become a Civil War Reenactor

The quickest way to learn the basics is to meet up with other reenactors who can teach you the things that they have learned and studied over the years. If you live in Pennsylvania, you are welcome to check out our group just send an e-mail to The or leave a comment on our blog page.  We welcome questions from everyone, even if you just have a general question or a question for a school project.

- Talk to people at reenactments. You may find out that reenacting isn't for you or that it's more fun than you thought it was. A lot more goes into reenacting that the public doesn't see.

-  Do not buy anything until you find a reenacting group that feels right. All reenacting groups have different rules, some groups allow alcohol, others don't, some require that you attend a certain number of reenactments a year and so on. Make sure a group is a good fit or you will waste a lot of time and money.

-Once you find a group, you will probably have to tailor your impression to fit in with the group impression. Most groups have clothing standards set out for new reenactors. These standards will help you get the correct garments the first time instead of spending a lot of money on things that are not correct. Not everything that is sold at reenactments is correct. Ask in your group for help, you will most likely buy something incorrect if you don't ask.

- Don't be afraid of joining a group, most groups have clothing and other accouterments that you can borrow while you are saving up to buy your own stuff.

- The best thing you can do is read a lot of books about the Civil War. Some good beginner books are Who Wore What? for ladies and Reliving the Civil War for gentlemen.

- You can find reenacting groups in your area by visiting the Civil War Reenactor's Forum.