Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Know you Civil War Reenact Too Much When...

  1. You use your reeacting stuff in everyday life.
  2. Your gear stays in the car until the next event-- at least you always have a chair.
  3. The power has been out for three days but it doesn't matter, your wife can cook a full 3 course meal 3 times a day for 30 men without electricity.
  4. You've attempted to adjust your kepi, in "the real world" when you weren't even wearing a hat.  
  5. Field-craft? You've mastered field-craft and now your working on port-o-potty-craft.
  6. You park the car at the supermarket and your wife says "Lock the doors, someone might steal my copy of Godey's."
  7. You sons are okay with wearing dresses. 
  8. St. Patrick's Day means you don't have to feel weird for blasting your usual David Kincaid in the car. 
  9. Your alarm clock plays reveille.
  10. You watch period films and documentaries just to point out people you know.
  11. You can spot another reenactor in regular life by their facial hair. You can probably even tell if he's a Yankee or a Reb.
  12. You can spot a zipper, snaps and stainless steel from a mile away.
  13. You've gotten used to the taste of rust and wax. 
  14. You have an entirely different definition of the word 'clean' after sweating in your gear for three days.
  15. You know that REAL men are okay with spooning in the cold. 
You might be a Civil War reenactor? :)

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